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    Last updated 6 years ago

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    A Street Bike Named Desire Wants to Know What You Think...

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Palo Alto has always been known for its bike-friendly community modeled after European communities that commute by dutch bike, but there’s always room for more. The current Bicycle Transportation Plan was developed in 2003 and is currently being updated to make the city a place where pedestrians and cyclists come together as one. This makes for all the more reason to start commuting by bike, if you haven’t already.

    From Palo Alto Online News:

    Casey Hildreth of the Alta Planning + Design, said “the revised plan aimed to roughly double the number of trails and paths in the city, from the existing nine miles to about 17.5.” With plans to build a new bicycle boulevard and new bike routes being implemented, Palo Alto looks to gain recognition for its biking community.

    Already named a “Gold Level” community by the League of American Bicyclists, Palo Alto City Council hopes to achieve the “Platinum Level” ranking which only three other cities have reached (Portland, OR; Davis, CA; Boulder, CO).  The implementation of this new update appears that they will be one step closer to achieving this accomplishment.

    Jaime Rodriguez, Chief Transportation Officer, hopes the “city would integrate many of the bike amenities currently in use at other bike-friendly towns [as well as] come up with its own Palo Alto-specific proposals.” Palo Alto’s mayor, Sid Espinosa fully supports this Bicycle Transportation Plan and hopes to “really connect to all members of this community.” He’s looking to reach “not just the Spandex bikes, but the folks who are parents, who are coming to this town, to seniors, etc.”

    The benefits of adopting this dutch bike commuter lifestyle could be endless. By even swapping a bike for a car one day a week the benefits on the environment, your health, your pocket book and the amount of time it takes you to get somewhere is beyond beneficial. We’re excited for the plans the bike commuter community has and look to get the less obvious biker on board.

    Our goal as A Street Bike Named Desire is to bring awareness to a lifestyle incorporated with bike riding and we’ve got a selection of the best quality dutch and European bikes to do this. To see our inventory give us a call at (888) 821-6831 or check us out online.

    We think our community will be healthier and happier when there are more people on bikes and fewer cars on our local streets. But what do you think? Do you support enhancing the local infrastructure for cyclists? Would you ride to work, school or run local errands if there were more trails and paths? Share your thoughts with us.

    A Street Bike Named Desire: Christiania Dutch Bike Spotlight

    Last updated 6 years ago

    A nice summer afternoon is the perfect time to take the family on a leisurely bike ride. What’s the best way to tote everyone around? Try one of our Christiania bikes. Known for their classic design and uncompromised quality, Christiania bikes are a perfect fit for an active family. Great for a trip to the park or a ride around town, Dutch bike, Christiania is a great choice when investing in a new bike.

    Originally used all year long in the harsh Scandinavian climate, Christiania bikes have been used to transportation for many years now. Lars Engstrom, of Copenhagen, built the first Christiania for his wife 30 years ago. Throughout the years it’s become an international icon and symbol for bike commuting. A Christiania bike is quite possibly the best option when choosing a nice Dutch bike. It’s been a trade mark of Denmark for years and is now making it’s mark in the United States.

    For more information and full details on Christiania Bikes, please visit their website.

    One of the premiere dealers of Dutch bike, Christiania, A Street Bike Named Desire has the variety that’s right for almost anyone. They’ve also got a diverse selection of other types of European bikes. If you haven’t gotten the chance to try one of these Christiania bikes out, come in to our brand new store in Palo Alto to see what all the hype is about. Give us a call at (888) 821-6831 for more information or visit the store in the Town & Country center in Palo Alto, CA.

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    Happy 4th of July from A Street Bike Named Desire

    Last updated 6 years ago

    It was 235 years ago, today that America celebrated its first Independence Day. We’ve come so far from July 4th, 1776. What are your plans for the holiday weekend? We’d love to hear and share them on our page.

    Whether you’re gearing up for a big firework show, grilling up some delicious barbeque, relaxing on your day off or working hard, we hope you have a wonderful holiday. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

    If you haven’t gotten the chance, come on it and check out our brand new store. We’ve been opening for two weeks and we’d love to meet you. For the best selection of Dutch bikes in Palo Alto, you’ve got to visit A Street Bike Named Desire. You can see our inventory here or give us a call at (888) 821-6831 for more information.

    Commuting by Bike and It's Growth from A Street Bike Named Desire

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Bicycles have enjoyed a boom in popularity recently. Consequently, bicycle safety measures are improving in the Bay area and across the country, with improved bike paths and increased public awareness of city bicyclists. With gas prices rising and environmental concerns becoming more serious, it’s no wonder people are making the switch to commuter bikes as a more sustainable means of transportation.

    Commuter Bikes

    The demand for commuter bikes rather than expensive high-end racing bikes is rapidly increasing. This change in sales trends indicates that there are more beginning city cyclist commuters. Buying a simple Dutch bike is a great way to begin your involvement with bicycling, both as a sport and as a lifestyle. Many city bike commuters want convenience and simple design. Folding bikes are extraordinarily portable, making them a convenient choice for commuters and students.


    The increase in beginning cyclist commuters is causing the bicycle community to grow rapidly, which is good for cyclists and great for the planet. National Bike to Work Day has helped to increase awareness of alternate means of transportation, and the bicycling community’s voice is growing louder each day, allowing us to push for healthful and eco-friendly transportation options and urban design.

    Unfortunately, as cycling’s popularity grows, there has also been an increase in bicycle theft. Locks are important investments for bicycle owners. Leave your high-end bike safely at home when you commute, and invest in a simple bicycle that is less likely to draw the attention of thieves and easier to replace.

    If you’re ready to begin a bicycling lifestyle, come visit us at A Street Bike Named Desire of Palo Alto, California, serving the greater San Francisco Bay area. Visit our website or call us at (888) 821-6831 to make a positive change in your lifestyle for you and the planet.

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