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3 Signs a Folding Bicycle Might be the Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle

Last updated 6 years ago

Riding a bike to get where you need to go is a great green alternative to driving a car and the environment appreciates it very much. Deciding the bike you want to ride around with can be a tough one. Folding bikes have gained popularity recently for its easy accessibility. Here are a few reasons why a folding bike may be a perfect fit for you.

  1. You use public transportation when available. If you live somewhere like the San Francisco Bay area, it’s likely you may spend the afternoon cruising on a bike and then hop on the BART to get you across town. A folding bike is perfect as it can easily transform from a full-size rideable bicycle to the size of standard bike wheel in less than a minute.
  2. You want to keep your bike safe, clean, and dry. By folding your bike up and carrying it into your office, your apartment, the grocery store, and every other destination you reach via bicycle, you will be taking great care of it. Keeping your folding bike on your person at all times—except for when it is locked up safe and sound in your office or home—decrease the chances your bike will be stolen. It also helps protect your bike’s parts from rain, snow, and other rust-causing or otherwise damaging elements.
  3. You travel a lot. How many times have you visited friends out of town or traveled on business and wished that you had your bike on you to get around or explore a new place? If this scenario is familiar to you, a folding bicycle will change your life. Most bikes are expensive and inconvenient to transport via air, but folding bikes can fit in your suitcase and some can even be carried onto planes as hand baggage.

If reading this article has piqued your interest in folding bicycles, check out A Street Bike Named Desire in Palo Alto. We carry a wide variety of folding bikes including a line of convenient, beautiful Montague folding bikes. Call (888) 821-6831 to find out more about our inventory of folding bikes, electric bikes, and commuter bikes.

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