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Shaft Drive Bikes Versus Classic Chain Bikes: What's the Difference?

Last updated 6 years ago

So traditionally you assume a bike that you purchase will most likely operate using a chain, as it’s an essential tool to your new bike to drive the best it can. This has been the case for bikes, typically, but there are some European style bikes, for example, that operate with a shaft-drive, or without a chain.

Take a look at the Biomega Copenhagen, for example. This is an innovation in its class and can promise more, quite possibly, than a classic chain operated bike. But first, it’s important to note the difference between the two types of bicycles.

What’s the difference between a shaft-drive bike and a classic chain bike, besides the obvious? Let’s take a look at each and then we’ll make our decision.

Shaft Drive Bicycle:

  • Shaft drive bikes use the drive shaft to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel instead of a chain.
  • Shaft drives are known for their consistency, rate of efficiency and performance.
  • The maintenance on a shaft drive bicycle is next to none unlike a classic chain bike.
  • There is a little bit more freedom to switch gears while moving in reverse or parked stationary.
  • Drive shaft bicycles also tend to be cleaner and less dirt or grim has a chance of being attracted to your clothing as there’s no chain to collect dirt.
  • Perfect for city bike riding, shaft drive bikes are designed with speed in mind so you can get where you’re going without having to sacrifice style or speed.

Classic Chain Bicycle:

  • Chain bikes are classics. No matter the style, type, purpose or design of a bike, the likelihood of having a chain on your bike is high. That’s because of its accepted use and reliability.
  • Power is transmitted through the ‘drive chain’ or passing over a sprocket gear and the teeth of the gear mesh with the holes in the links of the chain.
  • Drive chains are operated through gears and with the consistent reliance of gear shifting comes chain bikes that don’t operate as they should all the time.
  • Chain bikes have been in use for a long time so people feel they are reliable and a necessity when navigating their bicycle.
  • Chain bikes are the norm.

So when choosing a bicycle for your commute, recreation or just for an afternoon stroll, the choice is yours to make. A Street Bike Named Desire has both options in store and would be glad to educate you on which is the best for you. Our Biomega Copenhagen, as mentioned before, is a shaft drive bicycle that might have you addicted to chainless European bikes after spending some time riding it. Come in to our new store located in the Town & Country Village in Palo Alto, CA. Give us a call at (888) 821-6831or check out our full inventory for more information about the Biomega Copenhagen or any other type of lifestyle bike.

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