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A Street Bike Named Desire Wants to Know What You Think...

Last updated 6 years ago

Palo Alto has always been known for its bike-friendly community modeled after European communities that commute by dutch bike, but there’s always room for more. The current Bicycle Transportation Plan was developed in 2003 and is currently being updated to make the city a place where pedestrians and cyclists come together as one. This makes for all the more reason to start commuting by bike, if you haven’t already.

From Palo Alto Online News:

Casey Hildreth of the Alta Planning + Design, said “the revised plan aimed to roughly double the number of trails and paths in the city, from the existing nine miles to about 17.5.” With plans to build a new bicycle boulevard and new bike routes being implemented, Palo Alto looks to gain recognition for its biking community.

Already named a “Gold Level” community by the League of American Bicyclists, Palo Alto City Council hopes to achieve the “Platinum Level” ranking which only three other cities have reached (Portland, OR; Davis, CA; Boulder, CO).  The implementation of this new update appears that they will be one step closer to achieving this accomplishment.

Jaime Rodriguez, Chief Transportation Officer, hopes the “city would integrate many of the bike amenities currently in use at other bike-friendly towns [as well as] come up with its own Palo Alto-specific proposals.” Palo Alto’s mayor, Sid Espinosa fully supports this Bicycle Transportation Plan and hopes to “really connect to all members of this community.” He’s looking to reach “not just the Spandex bikes, but the folks who are parents, who are coming to this town, to seniors, etc.”

The benefits of adopting this dutch bike commuter lifestyle could be endless. By even swapping a bike for a car one day a week the benefits on the environment, your health, your pocket book and the amount of time it takes you to get somewhere is beyond beneficial. We’re excited for the plans the bike commuter community has and look to get the less obvious biker on board.

Our goal as A Street Bike Named Desire is to bring awareness to a lifestyle incorporated with bike riding and we’ve got a selection of the best quality dutch and European bikes to do this. To see our inventory give us a call at (888) 821-6831 or check us out online.

We think our community will be healthier and happier when there are more people on bikes and fewer cars on our local streets. But what do you think? Do you support enhancing the local infrastructure for cyclists? Would you ride to work, school or run local errands if there were more trails and paths? Share your thoughts with us.


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